BI Group Exhibition Stand

BI Group Exhibition Stand

At the Digital Almaty forum, we presented a unique project - an interactive exhibition stand for BI Group. The stand, enriched with advanced technologies, became the center of attention at the event, immersing visitors in an exciting journey into the future of construction.

Our goal was to create an eye-catching and memorable visual experience that could capture visitors' attention and emphasize the company's technology.


Using advanced interactive content management technologies, we allowed users to interact with the booth using a special controller. Visitors could select and view the company's presentation videos, highlighting its key products and achievements.


To create the most immersive experience possible, we used a high quality panoramic screen and mirrored floor. This created an impressive atmosphere, immersing viewers in the company's virtual space. Additionally, we integrated stereo sound, enhancing the immersive effect and making the presentation more memorable.


We paid special attention to the creation of three-dimensional videos about the company's products, which complemented the visual aspect of the presentation and enriched the visitors' experience.


Our controller-driven interactive presentation allowed visitors to get full information about the company, products and services, and interact with the content at their own discretion.


The result of our work was a significant attraction of the forum visitors' attention, an induced "wow" effect and BI Group's emphasized technology. This project became a vivid example of a successful combination of innovative technologies and creative approach to presenting the company at the exhibition. Translated with (free version)

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