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Are you energetic, purposeful and focused on high results? Join our team to make real changes and improvements in the business of our customers from all over the world!

All members of the creative team are constantly growing and developing professionally. The ability to go beyond, expand boundaries and subtly feel the modern trends of innovative solutions affect the quality of the result.


OUR Values

In all decisions we always reach a new level of creativity and beauty. For each client we create an individual set of tools, so your project will be unique and inimitable.

Simplifying complex things

We help to translate complex things into understandable audiovisual language and increase customer loyalty to the brand.

We implement turnkey solutions

From creative concept to technical support during demo.

Expertise in multimedia

Expertise in multimedia equipment and computer graphics allows us to create effective audiovisual products.

We understand marketing

We delve into the marketing tasks of clients and offer effective solutions for them.

Specialists of different profiles

Designers, programmers, engineers and other specialists with experience in 200+ projects work on solutions.

12 years of successful work

Over 12 years of continuous work, we have learned how to efficiently solve all typical and atypical customer tasks.

We like to develop, generate ideas and keep up with the times. We share innovations and developments with our project partners. Always ready to give all the best to make the event unforgettable for everyone.


We are building a large and ambitious company. We are looking for people close to us in spirit and ready to sacrifice themselves to achieve common global goals. Our company is a big family. If you're jumping from place to place looking for short-term gains and don't know how to work in a team, then don't waste your time. We are convinced that our professional activity has no boundaries and literally everything is possible here. We are not limited by geography or ideas or areas of application of our services. Any of our initiatives or proposals finds a response and is implemented. Here everyone can open up to 100%

Account manager

3+ years
Required skills
Amo crm PowerPoint MS Office Trello

We have been on the market for more than 10 years and have been able to achieve success in projects at the intersection of creativity and technology, giving the client the most advanced and unique solutions in the field of business and entertainment. During this time, we have successfully implemented more than 300 spectacular and interesting projects.
Now our studio is expanding and looking for an account manager who will become part of our team and help us provide a high level of service to our clients in the field of multimedia projects. We need a responsible person who wants to work on large-scale creative projects, is able to think and make decisions, and is ready to learn continuously.

Motion designer

3+ years
Required skills
After effects Houdini Cinema 4D, Redshift Photoshop Illustrator

The profession of a motion designer should be based on basic knowledge of design. If you know how to think creatively, have a good sense of composition, understand color, can draw a sketch of your idea, then you will easily master graphic editors and become a highly qualified specialist with us.


All people have strengths and weaknesses. It is impossible to master all the programs, techniques and directions in design. But working as a team, we can really achieve outstanding results.


We have created this process to keep you up to date. Although this may vary for different positions, here are all the basic steps:

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